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 P9 - 110,000 Square Meters of Beach Property for Sale in Panama Caribbean

11 Hectares 233 Meters Facing the Sea

Property Photos are Above - Property Videos are Below

  • This property sits on a prime parcel of land that sits in the center of a protected sandy beach cove. It gradually descends from the ocean to a mostly flat area at 30 meters above sea level.

  • This property is an imperfect rectangle, with 233 meters of beachfront, and 200 meters adjacent to the planned road.

  • This property is actually two different lots owned by brothers, but they can be negotiated as one sale. See Q3 and Q7 for more information.

  • The property is literally ready to be occupied. She has a newly built 160sqm two-bedroom log house with a hot water bathroom and a full kitchen with a huge new refrigerator and glass-top gas stove, separate convection gas oven, and amazing granite countertops. single slab hardwood.

  • There is also a small resort in operation with 4 wooden cabins each with a terrace, solar energy and full bathroom, facing the sea and a social area with a BBQ area, bathrooms, terrace, kitchen and bar.

  • The entire property is fenced, including some interior fencing to separate the horse pasture from the food forest.

  • There is a planted sustainable food farm, with several hundred food plants such as plantains, cassava, plantain, papaya, pineapple, coconut and lemons.

  • All buildings are equipped with fresh water and solar energy. This property adjoins the planned road, which is why it is priced higher.

  • Plenty of access to fresh water with the use of a water pump.

  • This is literally Camaroncito EcoResort and it was built within the last year by Ernesto and Sarah. If there is a buyer for the right price, he will literally buy one of the other nearby properties and build another complex, although he will not be in direct competition with Camaroncito.

  • Likewise, someone who wants to build something from scratch can hire the design, construction management and/or construction services of Ernesto and Sarah!

  • This property has all its documentation and maps in excellent condition and part of it is owned by an American.

  • Part of the property is almost finished with its titling process. The other party has started its process, but it is not very advanced. It is common for the property to be titled in different parts, partly because the first 200 meters from the sea are controlled by the national government, but the property further back is controlled by the Municipality.

  • You can learn more about the difference between ownership withtitle and right of possession HERE.

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