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Rainbow over Camaroncito Beach

We are part of the community

Ernesto Berrocal, owner of Panama Paradise Properties

Spanish Speaking Buyer, Seller, and Professional Services Liaison

Whatsapp:  +507 6019 1169

Sarah Bajc, owner of Panama Paradise Properties

Bilingual Buyer Liaison

Whatsapp:  +507 6241 8879

US Phone:  +1 678 608 0477

Take a WorkCation...
Enjoy a vacation while you consider buying your own beachfront paradise.

Come spend a week here to fall in love with the land. Let us plan it all for you. Pickup from Panama City or the airport, charming beachfront accommodations and all-inclusive dining and open bar at Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach, guided tours of the property, personalized videos taken with our drone and a personal experience of heaven on earth.

Learn from our personal experience

We offer the support and coordination of services to help you make a good decision regarding the purchase of an undeveloped beach and/or rainforest property.


This is based entirely on our experiences buying and developing property in this area since 2017.


Let us know what your interests are and we'll provide you with a quote that includes:

  • Round-trip transportation from Panama City, and transportation by boat or horseback while you're here. We also have a 4x4 Jeep that can be used if it is dry and the destination is accessible by dirt road.

  • We also have several riding horses.

  • Presentations to licensed surveyors, appraisers, and legal professions, including those who speak English if necessary

  • A stay atCamaroncito EcoResort & beach while you are in the area evaluating properties. Not only will you enjoy yourself immensely, but you will also have the chance to get a real feel for the area.

  • High speed Internet access is available in Camaroncito, but there is no cell service in the area.

Understand the process

Individuals or organizations interested in viewing one or more properties listed on the website will first have the opportunity to ask questions about the area, the properties, and the process, which is outlined below.


Additional Services Provided by Panama Paradise Properties

In addition to helping buyers coordinate the property identification, evaluation, and purchase process, Panama Paradise Properties can also provide the following services:

  • Coordinate transportation, lodging, and site visits for legal, appraisers, and government agents during the purchase and/or titling process.

  • Provide a binding price and time quote, monitor and provide video evidence of completion for the following services:

    • Property cleaning. These are teams of men using machetes and small chainsaws to cut brush and small “junk” trees on a property to allow the land to be clearly seen and/or to install a fence. No hardwoods, fruit trees, or any type of tree larger than 6 inches in diameter are cut in this process. Prices will be a little higher for properties in very dense rainforests, but for most partially maintained land, here are cost estimates:

    • Prior to assessing and mapping the property, a 2 meter wide clearance should be carried out around the entire circumference of the property to allow the assessor to install GPS markers and to facilitate fencing. $60 for every 100 linear meters of 2 meter wide boundary.

    • General brush removal $220 per hectare.

    • A simple fence of wooden posts every 2.5 meters and 3 lines of barbed wire. Installation takes about 4 days per 100 linear feet and costs about $360 for materials and labor. This price assumes that the land has been recently “cleared”.

  • Building high-quality post and beam one-story buildings costs about $600 per square foot for the frame, walls, quality roof, and doors. Windows, plumbing, solar and cooking are extra.

  • Transportation and installation of the solar system, satellite system, appliances and accessories are priced at the invoice amount plus 30%.

  • Other services: installation of aqueduct water systems or ram pump can be quoted.

  • Property maintenance can be provided per month.

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